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POND- You Broke My Cool

So I found this incredibly stupid WikiHow while searching female indie rock musicians. It basically tells you how to get a “indie rock” girl to like you. It provides a range of steps to changing how you dress, listening to and reading about the culture doing this and that. I just think it is such a generalisation of people, especially girls, who listen to or are interested in the culture. However, not only is it extremely narrow minded but slightly offensive too. Since I consider myself interested in these things, I do not (and am sure many others don’t) follow a certain rule book of this and that, and that if others do not follow this rule book, I do not accept them. Everyone is different in their own right and you should try your hardest to embrace and be yourself. This article practically tells you to be yourself (because “we” dont like it if you aren’t) but do this and this so you can get the girl. Well it isn’t all about getting the girl and if you’re faking who you are just to get her you’re going to end up so much more worse. If you like someone and they are interested in certain things, appreciate those things, but you should not go and abuse it just to impress them, it’s offensive and just plain silly. Any decent person will accept you for who you are and if you treat a girl with the same respect that you expect then everything will most likely work out. This article perceives girls/women to be objects or manic pixie dream girls and showing “indie girls” to be like a construction manual. For example “Do not listen to heavy metal because it will offend the girl.” How much of a generalisation is that. I have many friends that love listening to indie rock/alternative and also are very dedicated to heavy metal bands. I edited the article and wrote similar things to what is said here, not only to find that it is deleted straight away. I was disappointed but I didn’t expect it to stay. All I hope is that no one has actually ever used these tips to impress someone, because they are getting themselves into a terrible mess.

If you’d like to read the article for yourself the link is below.

Lana Del ReyCoachella, 2014


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The Creases supporting Jake Bugg @ The Enmore Theatre, Sydney